Delta River is a platform for cluster analysis and trading.

Delta River will help you to see and analyze the internal flows of the market. Any infusion of funds on time and price is recorded in clusters with a breakdown of purchase/sale (buys/sells) and their difference - delta and leaves a mark on the market.

Traces that major players leave will not go unnoticed by you.

Built-in indicators will help you determine the current state of the market

Three options for representing volumes over time, as well as identifying the divergence of volumes and price movements, when analyzing the market situation, make it possible to determine reversal formations

A customizable economic calendar allows you to be ready for fundamental market movements, and information on optional levels by major currencies provides an additional analysis of significant price levels

The trading panel allows you to set a “stop loss” for each order, a breakeven and trailing stop, as well as a “take profit” with the option of conducting a safe transaction on various flexible terms


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